Thursday, August 12, 2010

Darren Houser ... serious comic art!


Through this body of work I am investigating what we perceive to be religious ‘truth’, how hortatory rhetoric can construct reality within other peoples minds, and a desire to break away from the orthodox ideas of religion to experience genuineness solely constructed from a language of personal relevance. There is an interesting relationship between the cartoon style characters from comics and the figures from religious stories I was taught as a child. In my mind, both are caricatures of reality and are used as symbols to represent the deep and complex issues of our human nature. The conflict and confusion of crafting a personalized idea of truth is expressed in this work with densely packed areas of appropriated information and graphic elements that do not follow a linear narrative thread. By deconstructing the original narrative of these images and segments of texts, the definition of truth initially ascribed to them is dissolved allowing for a new interpretation. While it is not my intention to create an iconoclasm per se, this body of work should be viewed as an arena to explore the subjective nature of ‘truth’.

You have to see his work in person to see the detail and craftsmanship ... wonderful, creative and unique!!!

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