Wednesday, June 22, 2011


... looking forward to visiting the Hamptons in July for Contemporary Art Viewing / Fairs !!!

ArtHamptons - July 8-10
has emerged as the nation’s premier summer fine art fair for post-war and contemporary art.
View the art in a new and improved 50,000 square foot modular museum on 5 bucolic acres. Walk through our impressive sculpture garden and enter the building through a spectacular glass lobby. Fully air-conditioned with reinforced and carpeted floors, each year this striking museum in a field becomes the largest modular structure ever to be constructed on the East End of Long Island.
Sayre Park, 154 Snake Hollow Road, Bridgehampton, NY 11976

artMRKT Hamptons - July 14-17
Taking place on the grounds of the Bridgehampton Historical Society, artMRKT will present 35 of the worlds leading galleries in a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere. Enjoy your art this summer.

Scope Hamptons - July 21-24
info to come?!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Rogelio Manzo - mixed media portraits

As an artist I've been relentless in my pursuit to the inner story of a person through a physical portrait. Where most strive for a mirror reflection in their art I demand more on my work to unearth the story below the surface. A portrait can reach deep inside and expose the secret stories and identity of its sitters. Brushstrokes reveal their attitude; light is transformed into a truth seeker and texture can reveal the emotional angst or happiness of its subjects. Overall my intention is to expose the viewer to a visceral discourse concerned with of our own bodily integrity and mortality. MORE

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ilene Sunshine ... man and nature

My New Vein series is an extensive body of work comprised of dried, gessoed leaves and plastic bag fragments hand-stitched to paper. An on-going project since 2005 (currently a folio of 73 images), it is a 21st century riff on the herbarium— a collection of preserved plant specimens used for study and analysis. But I've corrupted the botanist's craft by seamlessly merging highlighted aspects of a leaf's structure with the ubiquitous graphic designs found on plastic bags. My renderings are a nod to the increasingly blurred distinction between natural and man-made, as well as a meditation on commerce's ever-presence. But in another regard, my sewing is a way of mending— not repairing holes, but making 'wholes' from such disparate parts. MORE images

Shin-Young An - portraits around the world news

Serious artists are constantly reinventing themselves, as they strive to achieve an illusive vision of “great art”. Often, world and national events impose an emotional response on the artist, who is otherwise powerless to influence such events. The canvas can become the artist’s vehicle of expression .

I am an artist in transition. In the past, I have faithfully recorded my subject, with an emotional response limited only to that subject. In portraiture, for example, the challenge has been to produce a work that reflects my response to the personality of the sitter. But I can no longer ignore the effect that outside events are having on me.

I am now painting my emotional response to such events. It is not always easy to move away from that which you are conformable with to explore a new area. But in life, one needs to progress and let go of the past, in order to achieve something greater. I hope I am worthy of this new challenge.

About “The Limb Series” (top):
The limb series of paintings juxtaposes ordinary routine tasks with exceptional and often disturbing events. MORE