Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shin-Young An - portraits around the world news

Serious artists are constantly reinventing themselves, as they strive to achieve an illusive vision of “great art”. Often, world and national events impose an emotional response on the artist, who is otherwise powerless to influence such events. The canvas can become the artist’s vehicle of expression .

I am an artist in transition. In the past, I have faithfully recorded my subject, with an emotional response limited only to that subject. In portraiture, for example, the challenge has been to produce a work that reflects my response to the personality of the sitter. But I can no longer ignore the effect that outside events are having on me.

I am now painting my emotional response to such events. It is not always easy to move away from that which you are conformable with to explore a new area. But in life, one needs to progress and let go of the past, in order to achieve something greater. I hope I am worthy of this new challenge.

About “The Limb Series” (top):
The limb series of paintings juxtaposes ordinary routine tasks with exceptional and often disturbing events. MORE

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