Wednesday, March 9, 2011

PULSE NY - Armory Arts week!

PULSE serves as the junction between central and satellite art fairs. Its exhibitors consist of a select group of leading and pioneering international galleries that present works by premier contemporary artists with those of emerging and undiscovered talents. A central component of the fair is its program of commissioned cultural projects that link its audience to all aspects of the visual and performing arts.

my top two favorites were both fiber / thread work:

The Motherboard Series is an extension of my earlier Sampler Series. While the concepts of these two series are directly connected (the female conflict of the domestic woman vs. the woman of sexual desire), the execution has been taken one step further in scale and narrative.

Within my series of Motherboards, the line has been distorted between the types of websites that housed the original content. Though some of the figures were remediated from pornography sites, others were appropriated from sites that display famous works of art and fashion websites. By blurring the line between these female icons the viewer is invited to distinguish between them without context.

JEREMY DEAN – with Creative Thriftshop. Jeremy Dean has built a reputation for exploring the American dream and human progress through art. Deconstructing and re-contextualizing iconic symbols of power and wealth, his work addresses social, political, economic and cultural issues. His work spans the spectrum of film, animation, drawing, interactive sculpture, and installation.

Upstairs at IMPULSE: and emerging part of the fair
Andres Basurto with Antena Estudio. Broken bottle sculptures … skulls

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