Sunday, December 13, 2009

FOCI Art Fair

There are a lot of fairs, events and parties to attend ... in a limited amount of time. Plan your days ahead so you don't miss out - especially on the after hour happenings!!!

We started with the smaller fairs in the Wynwood district. Most of the fairs open around 10 a.m. - we were ready to go! We drove to the area there was plenty of street parking and others walking around for the same art reasons.

FOCI Art Fair (3000 N. Miami Ave.) was hard to miss with the Shepard Fairey graffiti on the outer wall ... they were just waking up when we arrived. The fair consisted of two industrial buildings (10,000 sq ft total) and a center outside space, general admission was $10. Both shows were very well displayed and curated - professional looking (lighting could have been better) but very nicely done. One building showed nicely established artists. Large installation pieces and impressive photography - the other was a blend of emergin(including FIU students) and established on a fresh level. It took us about 30 minutes to walk thru. FOCI had exciting events planned every day/evening - with lectures, live graffiti, performance, music and even a culinary night. We did not make it back for any of the extras.

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