Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fountain Fair Miami

There are little surprises as we walk thru the neighborhood - galleries, open storefronts ... everyone getting their art and artists out there to be seen. We passed by Lilienthal Art Studios which was worth the stop.

The next main fair was FOUNTAIN Fair (2505 N. Miami) the fair has good signage (banner)on the main street, entry is thru a fenced empty lot - $5 donation. The fair itself is in an abandoned industrial building, which was a little dark and lacked air con, but it seemed to work well for the fair. Each gallery had their space presented as they saw fit, some much more refined, in every way, than others. A mix of mostly emerging artists and emerging galleries. We were pleasantly surprised to see Glowlab Gallery here with works from Roberto Molla (a favorite of ours). There are some great treasures in here! Art at all price-points and levels of craftsmanship.
Allow yourself an hour to take it all in.

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