Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Chicago Artist Month - Pilsen Open Studio/House

Well, I must say the Pilsen area has lost it's groove. This area used to be exciting - booming with artists and galleries - busy, fresh and exciting ... now the area is really struggling, but they have not given up! There are A LOT of empty spaces and those filled might have had an issue with flooding - there is an odd smell that many try to cover up with patchouli.
The newest places were very interesting to us - recommended not to miss:

Wonderful space - great variety of artists - top notch!
Scott Ashley "dig" (left) gallery shot (right)

PER POPULUS gallery - 626 West 18th Street
Great prints by John Vogl - creative, well done and affordable! Something for everyone!!!

(Chicago Art Department) - 1837 South Halsted
had a couple of very unique works!
Pei-San Ng, matchstick art

and Jen Rosenthal, ink and thread on vellum

On the functional side some great creativity!!!
ARTPENTRY - 1825 S. Halsted
Speakers framed by old luggage and trunks!

and the PLYWOOD OFFICE also on S. Halsted
great furnishings - simple and crafty!

... you have to explore, but there are places really worth while!!!!
Get down there!

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