Monday, October 18, 2010

Pilsen art walk ... "Ashland" side

I really enjoyed this art walk!
... the weather perfect, neighborhood interesting, people friendly!

Some studios - some galleries - some new, some old!!!
We started at 1 p.m. and went until 5ish, we still did not make it to all of the venues.
The topics of the art are very different from the Halsted side of the Pilsen neighborhood.
Themes about immigration, politics and wrestling ... real people and real live issues.

First stop organized grafitti art ...
these guys were talented and really moving along!

Indoor/outdoor art - a painting of our president ... by Victor Montanez

Wonderful ceramic work (and conversation) by Nicole Marroquin
- see a showing of her works at the Mexican Museum of Art this winter!

A great find! ... nicely organized group show at Margus Studio

Community gallery Tonantzin Community gallery

Great mixed media piece by Miguel Aguilar - at a pop-up space on Blue Island and 18th

Salvador Jimenez-flores mixed media work at the Beer Run Gallery

Marcos Raya - "Mano a mano"

We ended the evening by listening to a band playing on the sidewalk

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  1. Hi! You should come see the show at NMMA next week!
    thanks for the review, too!